As daylight disappears and temps turn cold, I find myself reverting back to old ...Old habits that is. I drink tea all year round so it's not like I ever left but I haven't been posting much about #TeaTimeTues, one of my most popular recurring themes. My followers often DM me about what teas I might recommend or their efforts to kick coffee and a tea blend that I might suggest. But regardless why you drink tea, cute accessories are GUARANTEED to make your tea time 10x more enjoyable.

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A tea infuser is what you put your loose leaf tea in and then place in a mug or teapot to steep or brew and this Rose Gold Heart Infuser from Pinky Up does you one better and doubles as a stir stick. Do you sip with your pinky up?

One of my absolute fave loose leaf teas is Earl Grey which is considered a black breakfast tea although I easily drink it all throughout the day. It's the flavor and scent of Bergamot. And this Tea Leaves blend is infused with Lavender. The aroma is amazing! Tip: If you have an affinity for coffee, add a splash of french vanilla creamer (thank me later)

Tea Time is "me time" and speaking for myself, a form of self care whether once a day or multiple times a day. Be it reading a book, I sometimes use the time to catch up on never ending emails, editing what I do, listening to music or moisturizing, its intentional. Rest Your Damn Soul! I couldn't have said it better and this Natural Dope Chick balm is a fave. Also infused with Lavender. In case you didn't know, I have a thang for smell goods.

As soon as I laid eyes upon this mug, it was a wrap!! I choose my mugs like I choose my shoes and  when I prepare my first cup of tea the mug I choose is totally based on my mood. I don't have a cabinet full, I have cabinets (with an s), full and I still don't have enough room. Please believe me when I say a cute mug paired with a quality tea only enhances your tea time experience. This Brown Girls Do Ballet Podcast mug just brings me joy with each sip. And I dare not go into detail about why this image which could be a reflection of me or a reflection of my two daughters, is just adorable and when you purchase you are supporting the amazing efforts on behalf of Founder, TaKiyah Wallace whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently. I might just stick with this mug for the week.

My mobile devices which include my iPad and iPhone are always within reach particularly during tea time because music always accompanies. I listen mostly via iTunes and my most recent purchase is Jazz Loves Disney. Without revealing my age but if you grew up on Disney too and know all the old songs like I do and you like jazz, get this album released on Verve ASAP! It's literally all I've been listening to since it dropped last week. Let me know what you think.

Be it coffee or tea, what are your favorite essentials? Comment below, I'm always in the market for new teaware. In the meantime share this with a fellow lovah and just keep sippin, sippin, sippin ...